Chief Liar Lynch, U.S. Attorneys in 26 States Lied About Immigration Lawsuit

We expect the our government to tell the truth, and its agents to be truthful. The United States Department of Justice is anything but, and has been exposed as the lying, conniving and deceiving bunch of marauders that they are.

When I accuse the government of lying to us, some take umbrage with that declaration and chastise me, telling me that “the government is us” and “we are all in this together.” My heart aches at the loss of liberty at the hands of the beast we call our government. I recognize that do-gooders really don’t want to believe that the government intentionally lies, just like a forlorn lover who is left at the altar wants to believe that something bad must have happened to keep their putative spouse from the wedding.

Loretta Lynch is the Attorney General of the United States. Under her watch, the DOJ has just been handed a stinging rebuke by a federal court judge, the likes of which I can’t recall. Two weeks ago, Judge Hanen, a federal court judge in Texas, ordered annual ethics classes for ALL Department of Justice attorneys in 26 states because the DOJ lied. It wasn’t a little white lie either. The DOJ tricked 26 states, who having filed a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s deferred action initiative, were told by DOJ that no action would be taken on deferred action until the litigation was resolved. DOJ then consulted with the White House (proven by testimony and records of telephone calls) and proceeded to grant 100,000 deferrals anyway.

DOJ, when confronted with facts, “admitted making statements that did not match the facts”, according to Judge Hanen’s order. “It has admitted that the lawyers who made these statements had knowledge of the truth when they made these misstatements … This court would be remiss if it left such unseemly and unprofessional conduct unaddressed.”

As punishment, Judge Hanen ordered that all DOJ attorneys in all 26 states affected who wish to appear in any federal or state court will have to undergo three hours of ethics training per year. Now as someone with friends who are Assistant U.S. Attorneys, I feel sorry for those who had nothing to do with this blatant falsehood and misleading of a federal judge, as their good names are being sullied by an Administration that flagrantly lies to federal courts and the public. It’s a classic case of one team member causing everybody to have to run 10 laps. The judge obviously feels that if the thousands of good attorneys get irritated enough, they will put pressure on DOJ to learn to tell the truth. There is some merit to that, however, I prefer to have seen the ones who lied to the judge prosecuted. If we want to stop DOJ attorneys lying to courts, put a few in prison and it’ll stop.

The DOJ, not willing to take the trivial punishment lying down, has told the judge that his mandate is too expensive for DOJ to implement. Three whole hours of ethics training? Too much says Loretta Lynch. While states differ, Georgia requires its attorneys to have two hours of ethics/professionalism each year, so a DOJ attorney in Georgia would simply have to take ONE more hour. In that hour, which DOJ can’t stomach, maybe their attorneys would learn that lying, conniving and deceit are wrong. We can only hope, but somehow, I think an hour would make no difference to the Washington crowd.

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