Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., talks with host Chris Cuomo during commercial break in a CNN town hall style televised event at the University of South Carolina School of Law, in Columbia, S.C., Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Chris Cuomo of CNN Shows Just How Bigoted the American Left Can Be

Chris Cuomo of CNN is objectively a liberal. I have friends who work at CNN who tell me they dread going on his morning program because they think he brings a liberal bias that forces them into awkward positions. His entire world view is liberal. He cannot relate to people outside his liberal worldview and he is indicative of the larger community of leftwing group think that cannot fathom anyone but bigots can disagree with them.

I remember when I first joined CNN, several reporters told me they were glad to be rid of Lou Dobbs because they felt like they could finally be a straight news organization. Now they have Chris Cuomo engaged in leftist group think where Christians and conservatives are the backwoods enemies against enlightened Manhattan values.

Chris Cuomo is, in fact, a bigot.

Yesterday, a Twitter user asked Chris Cuomo a very succinct question. He asked “What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

Cuomo’s response was “wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad” is the problem. He concluded it with “teach tolerance.”

Cuomo subsequently doubled down that this was about the parent and presupposed the girl would be totally cool with a naked boy in her locker room if only she didn’t have such overprotective, intolerant parents. In other words, Chris Cuomo thinks her parents are bigots.

Chris Cuomo’s bigoted reaction, which he parades on a weekly basis with deep hostility to Americans who hold mainstream, orthodox Christian beliefs and conservative values, sums up exactly why what the Obama Administration did was wrong and why Donald Trump’s roll back of the transgender bathroom order was the right thing to do.

Cuomo believes that a twelve year old girl would not object to a naked boy in her locker room, but for her parents. His presupposition is that his values are superior to the values of more than half of America — the majority of whom would object to a boy in a girl’s bathroom.

Likewise, he presumes that a 12 year old girl, but for her bigoted parents, would never conclude that it is wrong to have a boy in the girl’s bathroom because Chris Cuomo does not think it is wrong.

Consequently, Chris Cuomo seemingly believes that the entirety of America is bigoted and overprotective unless they share his values.

Need I point out that this is a man who exercises direction and discretion in shaping the news millions of Americans get each day? Is it any wonder so many Americans think the mainstream media is biased and hostile against their values? Chris Cuomo certainly is.

Chris Cuomo and the American left have decided to rush the notion that transgenderism is normal and not a mental health issue. They are not willing for other Americans to make up their minds and they are not even willing to persuade Americans to make up their minds. Instead, the American left decided to impose its own morality on 320 million Americans. They decided that the nation should have a one size fits all bathroom admissions policy.

The better solution is to let local areas decide for themselves. There are absolutely some areas of the country, including New York City where Chris Cuomo lives, that are perfectly happy to let boys go into their daughters’ bathrooms.

But there are vast swaths of America where the overwhelming majority of Americans do not agree. But Chris Cuomo would rather foster these Americans’ resentment, call them bigots and overprotective, and in a lot of cases cause these Americans to lash out in return — doing things like elected a man who promised to undo what Barack Obama did.

The American left cannot leave well enough alone. They want us to believe transgenderism is normal. They want us to believe boys and girls can share a common bathroom. But they also want us to believe there is a rape culture we must be worried about. And they want us to believe that people who don’t want to go down this road are bigots, evil, intolerant, or overprotective.

Chris Cuomo is signaling there is a large part of America that he thinks is hateful and inferior because they have different values than him. His solution, instead of letting them either see the light for themselves or allow their local community to exist with its own values, is to force his morality on them.

And the left, of which Cuomo is a part, will do so by equating transgenderism with civil rights, comparing Christians who have objections premised in faithful adherence to their religious values, to racists, klan members, and slave masters. They’ll scream equal protection and tell you that you don’t have to embrace it while forcing it upon you against your will.

This is not a recipe for uniting the country. It is a recipe for civil division and strife. But Chris Cuomo does not care because he feels morally superior to those bigots who believe the science of biology against the religious views of the secular left. When he gets in front of the camera, we know who he will portray as the heroes and we know who he will portray as the villains.

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