Chrissy Teigen Already On Board for Trumpcare

You gotta hand it to Chrissy Teigen.  The supermodel and all-around Twitter raconteur proved that there’s a lot more to her than swimsuit issue jiggle and being LL Cool J’s sidekick on Lip Sync Battle.  To the contrary, Teigen is also quite the political prognosticator, having anticipated the Republicans in the House of Representatives passing the American Health Care Act.  Even before Paul Ryan had wrangled all the votes, Teigen signaled loud and clear that she was totes on board with the new Trumpcare, and was all fired up about using it to deal with her own preexisting condition:


Please, Chrissy, tell me you didn’t use the same Botox guy as Nancy Pelosi.  That man claims to be an artist, but if you’re not careful he’ll do to your face what Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon did to her butt.  Just say no, girl!

Still, I think a lot of us can relate to the kind of stress that Teigen is under.  Being an international celebrity married to a successful R&B singer can be tough, particularly when your pal Hillary didn’t get elected president.  I picture Teigen sitting in some cold Beverly Hills villa, glass of Chateau Petrus 1995 in hand, nodding her head as she listens to RuPaul’s lament “Supermodel,” saying to herself, “Finally.  Somebody really gets it!”  But in searching for someone with whom to share her pain, she realizes that the nanny has taken the baby for a play date with one of the Kardashian kids and that she’s all alone–except for her 5 million followers on Twitter.

Oh, and Glenn Beck:

As Kate Upton reportedly told Teigen, “Get in line, sweetheart.”

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