Christian School Under Fire for…Being Christian

Several years ago, the state of Indiana ushered in an aggressive school voucher program that allowed parents to take a portion of the tax dollars they were spending for the public education system and apply it towards tuition at a private school of their choice. It was aggressive because the Indiana legislature stipulated that those vouchers could be put towards explicitly Christian schools so long as the institution met or exceeded the state’s educational curriculum requirements and were accredited by the Indiana Department of Education.

To those that objected to such a practice on the basis of modern courts’ flawed application of a separation of church and state doctrine, Indiana replied with an important correction: these dollars are not “government dollars;” they belong to the individual. In other words, Indiana is not paying to run an explicitly Christian school. It is offering every citizen the opportunity to keep a portion of their own money that would otherwise be confiscated by the state, which the citizen could then use as they see fit within the educational boundaries established by the legislature.

As with all voucher systems, the opposition to Indiana’s program from the state teachers’ association and other progressive entities has been strong. To this point they have failed. But one Indiana Christian school now stands perhaps the most serious and alarming threat yet – a challenge that if successful could strangle the First Amendment rights of every Christian institution in the state.

Lighthouse Christian School is located in the Indiana city of Bloomington. The home of Indiana University and their infamously perverse “Kinsey Institute” (named after the disgraced pedophile zoologist who gave birth to the sexual revolution in the 1940s and 50s, Alfred Kinsey), Bloomington is perhaps the most left-leaning city in the state. So it is perhaps unsurprising that the LGBT political lobby has decided to target Lighthouse in a case that could determine whether faith-based schools will be able to operate according to their faith.

Though there is no documented case of an LGBT-identifying student being turned away from enrollment at Lighthouse, the lawsuit challenging the voucher system suggests that the school’s lifestyle requirements could make that a possibility. Like every other truly Christian school in existence, Lighthouse expects its students to embrace and uphold a Biblical lifestyle both inside and outside of the classroom.

That means a prohibition on, amongst other things, theft, violence, pornography, promiscuity, and same-sex relationships. Violating this Biblical code of ethics could mean disciplinary action from the school. Notice that the school is not forbidding any “individual” for innate characteristics. It is forbidding surrender to ungodly behavior, regardless of how natural or strong the urges and temptations towards that behavior may be.

But following the alarming path charted by the LGBT political lobby, the strategy in this case is clear: Christians have no right to express or live out beliefs that run contrary to the established dogma of the political left.

It’s a threat to Indiana’s voucher program, to religious schools everywhere, and in a larger sense to the First Amendment itself. Coming from the modern regressive left, what else is new?

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