Christians, Get This to Your Pastor ASAP

A large number of Christians refer to themselves as “creedal Christians.” They do this as a way to escape the burdens of Christianity. Because certain things were just assumed and taken for granted in the creeds, the creeds are silent. Consequently, these so called creedal Christians believe they can deviate from the faith since the creeds are silent. The modern, best example is same sex marriage. The creeds do not mention it. It is something no one would have even disputed until the last few decades. None of the Christians participating in the great ecumenical councils of early Christendom would have even considered same-sex marriage. It did not need to be a part of a creedal statement. The Biblical view of marriage was universally accepted.

But it is not any more. In response, the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has released the Nashville Statement, to which I am an original signatory.

There is absolutely nothing in the statement that any Christian should object to, regardless of their denomination. Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians should all be able to sign their name to the statement and, in fact, the gathering included scholars, pastors, and others across denominations.

That there are some Christians who would object to the words in the statement is a sign of how secularism and paganism has begun infiltrating the American church. Any true believer who accepts the Bible as the authority in his life should have no reservations about the Nashville Statement.

Consequently, I would encourage you to sign it and pass it along to your pastor and church. I am a firm believer that not just individual Christians, but local churches across the nation should adopt the language of the Nashville Statement. Increasingly, this area of the culture war will separate God’s faithful from the fallen and the poseur. The one true faith has nothing to fear from embracing the statement and the false faith peddled by an increasing number will be exposed by their rejection of the statement.

You can sign it here. If you would like more background on the statement, see this stateemnt from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

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