From Eden to a Manger

For two years I struggled intensely with the idea of going to seminary. It is something I wanted to do, but I kept putting off. The timing did not seem right.

But as I spend more time writing about “You Will Be Made to Care” and faith and cultural topics, I realized that I have a ministry whether I want to believe it or not. I have a pulpit and a flock and an obligation.

The Bible is very clear about shepherds who lead the flock astray.

I’m not a traditional minister. I will probably never have an M.Div. But my conscience demanded I improve my own learning on the subject of the Bible lest I lead anyone astray.

So I enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta. I’m just taking one class a semester. My first class was Covenant Theology. Most everyone told me I was jumping off the deep end and would be overwhelmed.

I actually found the whole experience deeply and richly rewarding. And it prepared me to do my first ever Christmas Eve special on the radio.

I have a massive audience on a daily basis between television, the internet, and radio. I want to be able to glorify God in what I do. It has all come together for this hour of radio.

I invite you to listen.

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