Christopher Suprun Shows the System Works

Christopher Suprun is a member of the Electoral College from Texas. Texas voted for Donald Trump, but Suprun announced in the New York Times this morning that he will not honor the wishes of Texas’s voters and he will refuse to cast a vote for Donald Trump.

This is exactly as the system is supposed to work.

Let me be up front that I disagree with Suprun. While at one time I had dreams and visions of an Electoral College revolt, I think because I got the election so terribly wrong that I need to exercise enough humility to consider many, many Americans clearly have deep rooted issues that I failed to appreciate and I suspect Mr. Suprun did as well. These Americans, long ignored by Washington, spoke loudly.

Mr. Suprun’s statements about Trump being erratic, undisciplined, and unexperienced were true before and after the voters voted. Nothing has really changed.

But whether I disagree with Mr. Suprun or not, I respect and encourage him to stand up for what he believes as a member of the Electoral College. Our founders hated direct democracy and states like California with its ridiculous ballot initiatives, etc. continue to prove our founders right. Direct democracy is mob rule and mobs often operate at the level of the lowest common denominator.

The founders envisioned a system where electors would be picked who could make wise and informed decisions about our leadership, while removing the Presidency both from direct control of the congress and direct control of the people.

I oppose “faithless elector” laws because I believe the Electoral College members should be free to cast their votes as they see fit. Each party picks people to serve in the Electoral College and the people chosen are chosen by whichever candidate wins the popular vote of their state.

Between the election in November and the real election for President in December, events should be able to change the mind of the electors and inform their vote. Mr. Suprun has every right to do his duty as he sees it to protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

Good for him being so bold. His future in Republican politics is probably at an end, but he goes out not as a faithless elector, but as an elector most faithful to the vision of the founders of this country.

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