Cindy In Her Own Words

I’ve decided that Cindy Sheehan is really not a media whore. She is a grieving mother in need of some serious therapy as she has become unhinged from reality through the weight of her grief. After all, what rational person says these things? And sadly, the left, instead of helping this woman, is using her. But, when September comes, will the left dump her and leave her to fend for herself, or will they still lift Cindy high to say what they want to say but cannot say because they are not grieving mothers?

This is more tragedy than farce.

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  • Regardless of Cindy Sheehan’s opinions on Isreal, Dubya’s management style, or cold fusion she is still entited to receive an answer to her original question:

    What good cause did her son die for?

    The longer Bush waits to answer that question the worse it will sound.

  • YOU’VE decided she needs therapy? On what possible professionally-qualified basis?

    Are you using the same remote-diagnosis software that Bill Frist used to tell us that Terri Schiavo wasn’t being used by the right?

    Go back to slandering Gold Star moms and leave the hard work to the experts, mmmmkay?

  • I can’t believe wingnuts are willing to stoop so low to trash Cindy Sheehan. Then again I suppose I can believe it. Look at their antics over the last few years. It’s amazing how far they’ll go to defend the indefensible.

  • Uncle Sam wants Mr. Erickson, who is an appropriate age, and has very valuable experience in the region. When he is through slagging Mrs. Sheehan perhaps he could put down his keyboard, pick up a gun, and submit to military discipline.

  • I can’t beleive you are going so low as to trash Cindy Sheehan. You are either a ploy by the left to show how extreme and ignorant the right winger neocons have become or you are just an extremly ignorant idiot. Either way, I hope you continue to use your free speech that Ms. Sheehan’s son fought and died for you to defend.