Claiming Christians Won’t Bake Cakes for Gays Is a Lie

The talking point is out there and growing in the media. Christians do not want to bake cakes for gays. It is the popular talking point as gay rights activists try to claim their “struggle” is akin to the Black community in the Civil Rights era, but the truth is no one needs a bumper sticker to declare they are black. The two are not the same. And I don’t know a Christian baker who would refuse to serve a gay person any more than I know a Christian who would refuse to serve a black person.

This is not about discrimination, but religious ceremonies. The gay mafia intent on running Christians out of business has to paint with the broadest possible brush and tell the largest possible lie to win their case.

The reality is this — Christians believe marriage is sacred and ordained by God and must be between one man and one woman. To provide goods or services for a corruption of that ceremony would be a sin in the eyes of many Christians. The First Amendment requires the government let individuals freely exercise their religion in their daily lives so Christians should be permitted to decline participating in what they view as a corruption of their religious tradition.

The gay mafia would declare that this is proof positive that Christians are discriminating against them. But let any gay person go into any Christian run bakery in America today and buy a cookie, brownie, or cake. They will more likely proceed without incident. Why? Because the Christian baker is not going to discriminate against the gay person. They are focused only on the single ceremony.

At this point the liars would throw up false equivalence about interracial marriage or whatnot, ignoring historically the Christian church was just fine with interracial marriage. The Southern American corruption due to the slavery not withstanding, there has been a very long history of interracial marriage in Christianity.

That the gay mafia — and I use that term intentionally because it is a heavily funded, vocal, and increasingly malevolent group — will not distinguish between providing for a religious ceremony and providing for a person shows this struggle is about more than just weddings.

As I have written before, the trappings of normalcy require a wedding, cake, etc. It also typically requires a preacher. You make the baker provide the cake, then you make the preacher provide the prayer. When the preacher declines, you take away a church’s nonprofit status. Then you go for the sectarian schools.

You will be made to care on this issue. Either a Christian baker will be able to freely exercise his religion in his profession or he will not. And if he will not, the words of the constitution are meaningless and we are ruled by mob, not law.

The simple solution is to just go to a different baker. But the gay mafia is intent on an all or nothing strategy. Christian bakers will either assist in sin or go out of business. There is a fair and easy accommodation here — let Christians serve cakes to gay people, but not compel them to provide cakes for weddings — but evil, having sought tolerance, is now dominant and must now silence good.

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