Clear Channel Crap

This article from the AJC has some interesting perspective on Clear Channel in the Georgia market, including this:

Despite owning six radio stations in Atlanta, Clear Channel did not have a single station in the top 13.

Of interest also is that

Listeners turned off Real Radio 105.3 (WMAX-FM), the new Clear Channel talk station that switched from ’80s music this year. The first FM talk station in Atlanta was ranked near the bottom of the list at 29th, tied with a country station in Rome and a new Hispanic station near Lake Lanier.

Clear Channel had that Real Radio talk crap in Macon for a while. It was awful. Talk is for NPR and AM, not FM. Luckily, in Macon, they changed it to a Modern Rock station, which I regularly listen to. While it has a limited play list, it plays all the current stuff I listen to.

I am not hostile to large media corporations, but I think Clear Channel is basically crap. It sells cookie cutter stations that bore the local market.

According to the AJC article,

Stripped of its franchise Regular Guys show, 96rock lost more than half its targeted audience in the mornings this spring, according to Arbitron ratings.

Among men ages 25 to 54, the rock station plummeted from first to ninth place.

Clear Channel, which owns 96rock (WKLS-FM) and 1,200 other radio stations nationwide, took the Regular Guys off the air in April after the pair inadvertently aired obscene porn talk over a commercial. Ironically, they were mocking government regulators, who were aggressively battling Howard Stern and similar shock jocks.

96rock replaced the Regular Guys with a syndicated show out of Indianapolis, “Bob & Tom.”

Tim Dukes, who oversees 96rock, tried to make the best of it, noting the falloff wasn’t as steep as those at radio stations in other cities that lost Howard Stern. Clear Channel dropped Stern over indecency charges on six of its stations this year.

Fans of the Regular Guys, who mixed silly Maxim-style jokes with sly commentary, still lament their absence.

“I really miss the banter and the hijinks,” said Andy Roberson, 40, a Smyrna contractor who now aimlessly fishes around the dial in the mornings seeking entertainment. “I haven’t found any one show to replace them.”

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  • I agree. Radio has gone to shit in Atlanta and across the nation. I think they, the big companies are paying the programmers too much and not telling the people what their rights are.

    As a listener you have to have right to turn the radio off or change the station. Its very simple people. I would stand before congress and recant the same as I’ve said here.

    The FCC is not supposed to censor every fucking word or comment that a station makes, that’s why its better to be owned by one person, not a big company.

    If someone on the station says something that someone else doesn’t like, they can just change the station, or turn it off as I’ve said before. No big company to get a black eye or look bad at all!

    Get involved with the FCC and let them know that their initals stand for the Federal “Comnmunications” Commission, not the Federal Communist Coalition as they act to be.

    Do you want someone to tell you what you can listen to on the airwaves?

    Fight back by writing and emailing the FCC so THEY will get off the backs of radio stations, so we can all enjoy our right to free speech again!



  • I’m with you all the way. I spent twelve years in the commercial radio industry and decided to bail out after some small-town crap went down in the stations I was PD at in Macon, GA. I left there in September ’98, and not much longer after that is when Clear Channel bought the group I was working for. XM is really putting a hurting on commercial radio. That should be the wake-up call for all commercial radio groups – the public would rather *pay* $10 a month for a great radio instead of settling for the “cookie-cutter” commercial crap out there that’s free.

    Thanks for providing a vent outlet! Nice work.

  • yeah clear channel sucks a big one! I’ve lived in Macon, Georgia all of my life, and have been an avid radio nerd ever since i understood what radio was. Once upon a time i even dreamed of being a radio personality myself. I was under the impression as i was growing up that radio was about the music that was being played and because of the music people got behind their station. I was wrong! Especially more wrong the older i am. The term “radio personality” is becoming obsolete on fm stations. Now all we have seem to be mindless drones coughing up the airwaves with mindless banter by a single dj who isn’t allowed to play music on his/her own. And how about the BOGUS formats? About 2 years ago we began seeing advertisements and billboards informing many programming scarred maconites that there “buzz” station was on its way! I was really excited, began passing the info on to all of my friends with whom i had bitched with about the state of our airwaves. But when the station finally aired we all learned very quickly that it wasn’t at all what they said it was going to be.. supposedly Alternative Rock…with a radio advertisement telling us that “this is not your little sisters radio station” and crap like “listener descretion is advised” What a load of milarky! I think the hardest music they’ve played so far has to be something by 3 doors down or nickleback (ect.) And oh my god if i hear “my immortal” by Evanesence on more time……well i’m not gonna put than in writing! The same 20 songs played over and over and over and over and over and over…you get the idea. Now i no longer fight with my radio, its turned off! I am my own dj thanks to my cd player.