Climate Change Theory Takes It on the Chin Again

Isn’t it just like the science to get in the way of a good scam? The caption under the Agence France-Presse picture accompanying their headline story “Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests” was choice:

“The world has warmed less than predicted.”

Glorious. Now, there’s no doubt that this inconvenient truth will be woven into the catastrophic manmade global warming narrative quickly. It will turn out that Al Gore’s movie got just enough people concerned that they dialed down their air conditioners in time to stave off the immediate apocalypse. Or perhaps we’ll be told that Barack Obama’s charismatic leadership to draw attention to the seriousness of global warming was able to impress upon the oceans their need to slow down the impending coast-consuming deluge.

There’s no way Big Climate is going to let the fact that they were wrong – again – slow their Chicken Little routine. There’s way too much profit for them at stake.

But that won’t change the reality that once again the cataclysmic prophecies made for the last couple decades continue to fail the test of evidence. Computer models continue to be wrong. And the Trump announcement of withdrawal from the silly Paris Climate Accord is not, as it turns out, the end of the world as we know it. In fact,

“[Experts] also condemned the ‘overreaction’ to the US’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, announced by Donald Trump in June, saying it is unlikely to make a significant difference.”

Perhaps someone could notify all the climate justice warriors and Warmers on Twitter they can climb off their collective ledges of indignant outrage? The research actually finds that businesses and companies, acting independent of government decree, can make their own ecologically responsible decisions about emissions and carbon usage and the planet won’t incinerate as a result.

But again, don’t expect any of this actual science-based evidence of reality to intimidate those who have sold their credibility and their souls to this Warmer movement. No, they’ll continue to pledge their allegiance to the great Goracle, like Major League pitcher Noah Syndergaard:

“U.S. pulls out of Paris Climate Accord. Then hit by 4 Hurricanes in 6 weeks. Global Warming Karma?”

Noah may be on to something. Given that this recent study reveals again Climate Change, Inc.’s rather poor record with actual science, maybe they should lean more on this Karma theory moving forward.

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