FILE - In this Jan. 20, 2015 file photo, a plume of steam billows from the coal-fired Merrimack Station in Bow, N.H. If the nation doesn’t do more, the U.S. probably won’t quite meet the dramatic heat-trapping gas reduction goal it promised in last year’s Paris agreement to battle climate change, according to a new study. (AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)

Climate Scientists Aren’t On Board With Steven Hawking’s Doomsday Claims

Famed scientist Steven Hawking painted a frightening picture of what the world will look like now that President Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord. The theoretical physicist spoke to BBC News on Sunday and accused Trump’s agenda of setting the world “over the brink” towards runaway global warming.

“We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees, and raining sulphuric acid,” Hawking stated to BBC.

“Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it’s one we can prevent if we act now,” Hawking said. “By denying the evidence for climate change, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump will cause avoidable environmental damage to our beautiful planet, endangering the natural world, for us and our children.”

Pretty scary stuff. But there is one big problem with these assertions. They fly in the face of other scientists – scientists actually in the field of climatology – who say no such dire future awaits us. Many of them took to Twitter to shoot down Hawking’s apocalyptic claims.

Climate scientist Zeke Hausfather said this:

Meteorologist Ryan Maue (PhD in the subject) thinks Hawkings’ statements are bizarre and wacky:

Bjorn Lomborg, author of “Cool It” and Skeptical Environmentalist” said this:

Plenty of climate scientists are unhappy that the president walked out of the Paris climate accord, but not many of them think it means Earth will turn into Venus.

Despite having one of the greatest minds of our time, Prof. Hawking may be falling victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome – an awful illness that has affected millions nationwide.



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