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Clinton Ahead of Trump in Georgia

I am skeptical of polling in Georgia, but an AJC poll has Clinton ahead of Trump in Georgia.

What makes this slightly more credible is that the AJC has a better track record of polling in Georgia than all the television stations in Georgia. The AJC tends to hire more credible pollsters with a better track record in Georgia.

That said, I still don’t believe it. Polling in Georgia tends to always show the Democrats ahead at this time. In 2014, Nathan Deal and David Perdue were both losing to the Democrats, which did not actually happen on election day. There is, of course, one caveat to that. The only poll at this time of year that got the race right was the AJC. And right now the AJC is the only poll in Georgia that has Clinton ahead.

Republicans should, if nothing else, take note. Trump is putting states in play as he said he would. They just are not the states Trump claimed he would put in play.

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