Clinton Campaign Uses Hissy-Fit On Matt Lauer In Fundraising Email

NBC’s Matt Lauer had one job: Make Hillary look good. At least according to liberals who believe anyone who interviews both candidates in a public forum or debate must side With Her. Personally I don’t think Lauer was any tougher on Clinton than Trump, but Trump did a better job handling the questions and the interview.

Clinton prattled on and on like a four-year-old trying to explain the open can of frosting, along with fingers and mouth coated in the confection to a parent. Move along, Madam Secretary. We’ve all heard this before, and nobody’s buying it.

So as with all outrage the Left generates for its anointed one, the Clinton campaign is using Lauer to raise funds.

Not only did the moderator, Matt Lauer, fail to fact-check Trump — he then kept the conversation moving.

My God, what a partisan hack Lauer is. He had 30 minutes with each candidate, and about 1/3 of that time was taking questions from the audience. He had maybe 3 or 4 minutes to actually do followups. Clinton talked over most of that, while Trump actually answered Lauer’s questions.

As hard as Trump works to get Hillary elected with his unfiltered mouth, at times Clinton works even harder trying to lose the election herself. I really hate this year. I wish we could just call a mulligan and start over in 2017.

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