Clinton Gaslighting Never Ends

Democrats and their media leash-dogs arrived at “elect at all costs” unity decades ago while Republicans were still figuring out how to expunge the odor of Nixon from their party. By the time Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, they’d just about perfected the art of gaslighting, in which Bill himself is a tenth-degree Ninja master.

Nothing has changed in the last 25 or so years.

We’re all crazy to demand Clinton come clean on her health.

They tell everyone how Clinton isn’t sick, and anyone who thinks she is must be listening to Trump’s conspiracies or reading the National Enquirer. Then when Hillary collapses, well it’s the terrible heat in New York. Then when it’s not the heat, and reporters are prevented from asking–which publicly pisses them off–the campaign cops to pneumonia.

Then every Republican or conservative who questions Clinton for lying or thinks there’s probably more to the story (because there probably is), gets mocked. “Look! She told the truth! There it is, so shut up and go away. Racist, sexist pig.”

It’s never we who are right, it’s always we who are crazy, until we’re right. Then it’s Hillary The Brave.

“What? You’re still asking questions? Who do you think you are? You–you conspiracy nut!”

Wait a minute–less than 24 hours ago–didn’t Cillizza just write that “Sunday morning changed the conversation in the race” about Clinton’s health? I guess, never mind, it was just pneumonia.

Yes, Trump’s tax returns–we must turn the news story back to Trump’s tax returns, or his lack of charitable giving, or his racist acolytes, or anything except what’s in the box. Don’t look at the box. It’s the same box Jonah Goldberg wrote about in May 2015 dealing with Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The other day Hillary Clinton repeated her insistence that she wants all of her e-mails released as soon as possible. “Nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than I do.”

This is the Schrödinger’s cat of spin. It’s a lie until the time comes to take it out of the box as the truth. (If you don’t like this metaphor, just count your blessings I didn’t go with an extended Bruce Jenner riff instead.)

First, the dead cat of lies. If Hillary Clinton wanted these e-mails out ASAP, she would not have printed them out and delivered hard copies — some double-sided, some not, for extra inconvenience — to the State Department.

Just swap “health records” for “e-mails.” Same tune, one more verse. Trump’s tax records are not the moral equivalent of Hillary’s health situation. I’m sorry, it’s just not. If nobody gets to see Trump’s tax records, it’s not going to be a life and death issue. But if Hillary is sick, it’s a game changer.

Now Hillary said she’ll release more health records…just like the e-mails.

The campaign didn’t provide specifics on the new medical information that it planned to release.

Mrs. Clinton also challenged Mr. Trump to meet her level of disclosure.

“Compare everything you know about me with my opponent,” she said. She said the campaign takes responsibility for not putting information out quickly over the weekend. “But the information is out there. You can’t say the same thing about Donald Trump.”

Just wait, the medical records are coming. All of them. Just like the e-mails. Just don’t look in the box. Look at Trump instead.

The fact that Trump’s been claiming for months that Hillary lacks the physical health and stamina to act as president is not a reason to discard the possibility it might be true. That is, unless you’re a Democrat or media member well-practiced in the art of gaslighting.

Now Republicans can claim that Bill Clinton, in 1992, released every bit of his health record, including granting the press access to his doctor, waiving patient privacy. And we can claim that John McCain released comprehensive health records, as did Bob Dole in 1996. The gaslighters will reply “it’s coming, just you wait.”

At least David Harsanyi over at The Federalist identified one honest Democrat.

There you go. And if she did in fact die, they’d tell us she’s only mostly dead, that we’re crazy to question her lifeless body, and she’s just powering through death. Perhaps the Clinton campaign should hire Eric Idle and John Cleese as spokesmen.

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