Clinton Lead in Must-Win Pennsylvania Widens to 11

Hillary Clinton opened up an 11 point lead in the delegate rich, swing state of Pennsylvania. According to a poll conducted by Franklin and Marshall, Clinton leads Trump 49 to 38 and received a much larger post convention bump than her opponent. The poll reported that 2 in 3 viewers of the Democrat Convention said they were more likely to vote for Clinton, while only 2 in 5 viewers of the GOP Convention said they were more prone to vote for Trump. Those polled also gave Clinton the edge in experience but said each candidate was equally untrustworthy.

Unfortunately, the bad news does not end there for Trump.

The gold standard in polling, the RCP polling average, shows Trump down 5.9 points nationally. This is a 6.8 point swing in the past 7 days.

Erick has noted that events change things, but as November 8th draws closer, this becomes more unlikely.

UPDATE: Clinton up 17 points in New Hampshire.

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