Clinton Sounds General Alarm As Surrogates Bash Once-Hero Comey

In July, every Clinton surrogate would have pinned a Chesty Puller pin on rock-ribbed FBI Director James Comey. The man was Eliot Ness, Clarence Darrow, and Douglas MacArthur rolled into one. Comey was a Republican appointed by a Democrat to a non-political fixed term, loyal only to the truth. According to Clinton’s team, the “S” beneath Comey’s pressed shirt could be seen if he flexes his pecs a bit.

Conservatives, like myself, called for him to resign. It won’t be long before Clinton and her coterie of tail-sniffers join that opinion, for Superman has flown away, leaving Comey a traitor in their eyes.

When Comey’s letter hit Congress, Clinton hit the general alarm button on her campaign, which had become a summer Caribbean victory cruise.

First, she claimed only Republicans received the letter, which was false because it was addressed to committee chairs (Republicans, who are the majority), with their Democratic leaders copied on an attached page, which she didn’t bother to read. Then, she petulantly called on the FBI to disclose everything they had in the midst of an active investigation. As if that’s going to happen.

There are (at least) two ways of looking at this. One, that Comey simply covered himself, knowing that if a Clinton email connection to the Weiner case ever surfaced (which is likely), he’d be crucified over messing with the election. That’s really a ridiculous take, since he already messed with the election by not recommending to DOJ that they at least convene a grand jury or appoint a special prosecutor. When he recommended no prosecution, which Attorney General Loretta Lynch gladly accepted, having made the deal with the Clintons weeks before, he made himself a patsy in the first place.

Two, that there’s something there that spooked investigators badly enough that this is more than just a pro-forma CYA. That’s the more likely conclusion, because Comey could have rested on his laurels, under cover from Lynch, who recommended he not notify Congress. If nothing new surfaced, Clinton would be elected and nobody would really be the wiser. In time, it would all come out in the case against Weiner, but that could be spun against Abedin.

(An interesting aside that Erick brought up on his radio program: Abedin is now stuck with Weiner, since their divorce would eliminate the benefits married couples enjoy of not being forced to testify against each other. There’s no divorce until all this legal mess is resolved.)

Given the Clintonistas’ reactions, we can expect an all-hands-on-deck response to this turd in Hillary’s punch bowl.

On Saturday morning, the campaign hastily arranged a telephone briefing with Clinton’s top two aides — campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign manager Robby Mook. The briefing took place on just over 20 minutes’ notice. In addition to the unusual firepower — Podesta does not brief the media regularly — the campaign took the additional step of providing a transcript after the fact, the better to reap any benefit from Podesta’s strong language.

Comey, once the Hooveresque hero of law enforcement, became a political hack.

In her appearance Saturday, Clinton stopped just short of accusing Comey, once a registered Republican, of partisan interference in the Nov. 8 election. But she did not attempt to conceal her anger.

FBI investigators are spooked, Clinton’s campaign is desperate to move the news cycles to something else–and perhaps it will now unload the rest of its hefty Trump oppo file on an eager leftist press.

The worst part, for America, is that the revelation probably won’t swing enough voters (millions have already voted) to kill Hillary’s victory. This means a president-elect could head toward inauguration while the FBI builds the case to convict her of felonies. You don’t have to be a conservative to see how wrong that is.

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