Clinton Supports Killing Kids. Conservatives Cannot Support Her.

A lot of my friends who hate Trump are toying with the idea of supporting Hillary Clinton.

I get your opposition to Trump. I share your opposition to Trump. There is no way I would vote for Trump. I trust Trump to break every promise he has made. For those who say “Supreme Court,” Trump has never shown an inclination to fight for anything other than himself. He will nominate a conservative, let the Democrat led Senate kill the conservative nomination, then pivot left.

Everything Trump does for conservatives will be a facade ready to show his inner liberalism, just like his present championing of an increased minimum wage.

But I also trust Hillary Clinton to keep all her of promises. She will curtail gun rights. She will allow persecution of churches in this country. She will pivot left radically. On top of that, Hillary Clinton supports killing children.

Just last night she said she believes in science. If she believes in science, she must believe life begins at conception because the science is settled. But she believes it is perfectly fine to crack open a child’s skull, suck out is brains, and rip it limb from limb until the moment the child is born, even if that child can feel pain or could live outside the womb.

People want to pick a candidate. Americans want to vote for President. But sometimes it is far better to be a conscientious objector.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both thoroughly awful candidates. No amount of Wayne Grudem rationalization can convince me supporting Trump is the moral thing to do. But supporting Hillary Clinton is not a moral or conservative alternative.

Her speech may have played to centrist or center-right sensibilities last night, but her laundry list of programs was thorough leftist.

You might as well just recognize that as a nation and as a conservative movement we have been sold out and are screwed for the next four years.

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