Clinton Underestimates How Much Voters Hate Her, By $100 Million

No Republican has ever raised $100 million in donations of less than $200, until Donald Trump. Politico reported Monday that Trump is approaching, and may have surpassed, this amount.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said a senior Republican operative who has worked closely with the campaign’s small-dollar fundraising operation. “He’s the Republican Obama in terms of online fundraising.”

This flood of cash (which Trump, to a great degree, has in the past paid to his own companies) reflects the deep antipathy of voters toward Hillary Clinton. The Democratic machine is great coming up with $50,000 per plate fundraisers attended by billionaires and bundlers. It’s great at lassoing corporate support through super PACs.

But without a personality like Barack Obama, who raised an astonishing $483.6 million from small donors in 2012, Clinton is hamstrung. Even so, she raised nearly $156 million under $200 each as of July 31, according to FEC records.

What Trump donors might not know is that 20 percent of their donations go to the RNC, because Trump outsourced his campaign to a “joint fundraising committee.”

“A lot of them probably don’t realize that 20 percent of the money goes to the RNC otherwise they probably wouldn’t give,” said one of the operatives who has worked with Trump and the RNC. “People are giving money to the joint fundraising committee because Donald Trump’s name is on it.”

They are giving to Trump for the same reason that Bernie Sanders supporters gave to Bernie. They’re not with Her.

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