Clinton’s Health Is Not The Story

Clinton’s health is the lead story on Fox News website. The story has legs on Breitbart, Drudge and all the places you’d expect to see Trumpaganda. Oh, and the National Enquirer has her dying before election day (I saw that in the grocery store checkout line).

The people may want to see more medical records, but the Clinton campaign just sees right-wing conspiracy. A campaign spokeswoman blamed the health controversy on Roger Stone, a longtime conservative policeal operative who had a formal role as a Trump adviser until he was fired a year ago. Still an unabashed supporter of Trump, Stone is still working to get him elected, say critics.

Roger Stone is the Trump equivalent of Clinton hit man Sidney Blumenthal. They probably frequent the same crypts when they avoid the cursed sunlight.

I wrote previously that Clinton’s health is the last resort story for Trump, who needs any kind of boost in the polls. But that’s not the real story.

Clinton announced that a “self-imposed ban on corporate and foreign donors” for her family’s personal mint and influence machine, the Clinton Foundation. The Washington Post conducted an analysis:

The analysis, which examined donor lists posted on the foundation’s website, found that 53 percent of the donors who have given $1 million or more to the charity are corporations or foreign citizens, groups or governments. The list includes the governments of Saudi Arabia and Australia, the British bank Barclay’s, and major U.S. companies such as Coca-Cola and ExxonMobil.

But that’s not the story either.

The damage has been done. The Clintons have been schmoozing with these foreign and corporate interests for so long that there’s much more in the favor bank than filthy lucre.  As Jonah Goldberg correctly explained, most corruption is not about money.

The money isn’t the primary issue with the Clintons and it never was. Sure, sure, they like being rich. They like flying around in private planes. They like having lots of houses. But the Clinton Foundation was never about getting rich, it was about keeping the Imperial Court in Exile well-tended to for their return to power. Huma’s amazingly corrupt moonlighting wasn’t about money grubbing per se, it was about keeping Hillary’s Richelieu on the payroll.

The Clintons are a tribe, a House like House Lanister or House Harkonen. They trade power, fame, influence and, sure, on occasion, money to advance the interests of their House.

Cutting off the money flow is just for show, to appease voters who believe she’s about the money. What’s a shame is that Trump has been calling her “Crooked Hillary” for so long, and claiming (correctly) she’s corrupt, that the message is lost on persuadable voters. Plus, Trump is actually all about the money–and the fame, and the power, and the adoration of crowds willing to commit Hari Kari on his command. But the money is always first for Trump.

While the real story is that Clinton’s corruption makes Nixon look like Billy Graham, the only narrative that Trump can summon against her is her health and other conspiracies whispered in the break room between inquiring minds that want to know.

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