Closet Democrat McCain Goes Passive Aggressive on Keeping Obamacare

I’m not about to step on Erick’s excellent take on why the GOP, with a majority in both houses of Congress plus the White House, cannot manage to repeal Obamacare because they simply lack the patriotism over partisanism to do it.

But the only thing worse than power plays is passive aggressive behavior. Sen. John McCain acted like a sullen teenager on CBS News “Face the Nation” Sunday, “I think my view is it’s probably going to be dead,” he said. But he also said he’s been wrong before.

“I thought I’d be president of the United States,” said emo McCain. “But I think — I think I fear that it’s going to fail.”

I’d rather have the characters from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” running the Senate than McCain, who really wants Obamacare to stick around, but doesn’t have the political guts to say it.

As Erick said, governing is hard. Obamacare was shoved down America’s throats with a heaping helping of lies and false promises. It was never designed to work since it was constructed by a Democrat majority to be later replaced by single-payer, government-run health insurance, with the big companies splitting up the taxpayer booty.

Now Obamacare has totally bolloxed our health insurance system, intertwining it with the IRS, state regulations, HHS mandates, expanded Medicaid and failing markets. It would be better if we could replace it with a sane, simpler system, but that would require owning up to the current system’s malevolence (for one thing, increases in opioid addiction).

The mess called “BHRA” (Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act, snort) is worse than a flat repeal of Obamacare without some real world commonsense to protect premiums from ballooning. At least Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are honest about wanting to keep Medicaid expansion and Obamacare-level federal control.

Sen. Ted Cruz has an amendment ready to go, but declaring it dead before it even hits the floor is taking the political easy way out. McCain has chosen to play the “I would, but it’s going to die anyway” card. That’s shameful. He thought he was going to be president, but I’m glad McCain never was.

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