CNN’s Astroglide Treatment Of Trump

During the debate last night, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer kept turning to John Kasich every time Rubio and Cruz had Trump on the ropes. It was almost comically predictable. I even tweeted it several times along with others.

This led me to tweet this today:

But that’s not all. After the debate, I quickly muted the TV to write up my thoughts as the candidates gathered on the stage for the post-debate interviews. I saw, but didn’t hear what happened next.

According to The Federalist’s always intelligent Mollie Hemingway:

Following the debate, CNN provided two lengthy interviews to Trump to allow him to reframe the bludgeoning he took earlier. I wouldn’t say Chris Cuomo’s treatment of Trump was X-rated so much as Skinemax. He was a remarkably generous lover. Since Jake Tapper interviewed Cruz as a journalist would, the disparity was striking. Later, Anderson Cooper was a bit more journalistic in his approach.

Decide for yourself. Watch powder-puff and America’s worst lawyer Chris Cuomo slather on the Astroglide in his chat with Trump.


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