CNN’s Homophobic Yellow Journalism

It’s interesting that to hear leftists at CNN tell it, conservative Christians are the ones harboring hatred, disdain, and scorn for those with same-sex attraction who choose to engage in homosexual romantic and sexual relationships.

While many right-leaning libertarians very much adopt a “live and let live” philosophy towards those relationships (so long as they are not used as leverage for denying the conscience rights of religious people), it is true that Christian conservatives believe those romantic and sexual relationships between same-sex partners are immoral and deadly. But while it has been at times communicated poorly and even hatefully, moral disapproval itself is not even remotely close to being the equivalent of hate.

What is hate? How about trying to publicly “out” people as having romantic and sexual same-sex relationships when it’s none of your (or anyone’s) business? You know, the very thing that CNN is doing.

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy decided it was totally newsworthy to tweet the following story out from the hacks at the Miami Herald:

“In 2013, @Drudge gifted a 4,600-sq-foot Florida house sitting on 4.5 acres to a man who only paid $10 for paperwork.”


“The person who received the home has lived alongside @Drudge on 3 occasions, Florida state records show.”

The implication here is as obvious as the sun rising in the East. Darcy, CNN, and the Miami Herald are attempting to out right-leaning internet phenomenon Matt Drudge as a homosexual. What other possible angle could this story have?

No one is suggesting the land wasn’t Drudge’s to begin with. No one is suggesting that there was anything nefarious or illegal about the sale. It’s Drudge’s land and he can do what he wants with it. The only possible “news” here is that Matt Drudge gave a house to a dude that he’s lived with and therefore must be romantically and sexually involved with him.

Aren’t these cultured leftists at CNN supposed to think homosexuality is completely normal? Aren’t they the ones that so often act morally incensed if someone is “othering” a homosexual? What are they doing to Drudge here, if it is not that?

This move is politically motivated, of course. Drudge owns the internet and has been a thorn in the side of the hard-left agenda driving of CNN for some time. He exposes them regularly on his incredibly successful Drudge Report website, and it is clear that Darcy and CNN think by publicizing that Drudge may be “gay,” that his conservative followers won’t follow him anymore.

And that’s what matters to Darcy and CNN. Reveal a man’s personal business in an effort to destroy him for political purposes. That’s hate. Pure, unadulterated, politically motivated hatred towards others. That’s CNN.

And the best part is, this won’t hurt Drudge at all. Rumors about Drudge’s sexual preferences have existed for years, and it hasn’t stopped conservatives from following him faithfully. Why? Because it is possible to morally disapprove of a person’s sexual or romantic conduct, but still appreciate their work and respect them as a person.

It’s possible for conservatives, but apparently not for CNN. Pathetic.

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