College Republican defeats BAMN in court

BAMN, a radical splinter group from the AntiFa movement based in California, lost a significant legal battle in court yesterday. Attorney Mark Meuser of the Dhillon Law Group successfully argued for the removal of Yvette Felarca’s temporary restraining order against Troy Worden, president of the Berkeley College Republicans, an order that had severely limited the college student’s ability to move about freely, or exercise his First Amendment rights on campus.

Ms. Felarca, a leader of the anarchist group that advocates militant violence against anyone they have identified as a racist or fascist, successfully obtained the restrictive order against Mr. Worden last month, even though he is a registered student at UC-Berkeley, and she is not. She regularly visits the school to distribute propaganda for BAMN and recruit new anarchists for her radical cause. However, Ms. Felarca violated court protocol in California by trying to circumvent the law when she attempted to obtain an illegal extension to her temporary restraining order without notifying the court or the defendant’s attorney. The presiding judge took a very dim view of her shenanigans, quickly granting the motion to remove the TRO.

However, Yvette Felarca is still pushing for a permanent restraining order against Mr. Worden. Another hearing will be held at some point in the future. At that opportunity Mr. Worden intends to produce evidence in court that any alleged “facts” offered by Ms. Felarca to support her request for a permanent order against him have been fabricated. They are merely a product of her imagination. This litigation ordeal began after the College Republicans invited conservative pundit Ben Shapiro speak to their group on campus at Berkeley.

When Ms. Felarca tried to use university resources to hold a secret meeting scheming to shut down the Shapiro event, members of the College Republicans tried to attend that meeting, but BAMN members used force to block them.

A few days after campus police informed BAMN leaders that their organization had been violating school policy and the College Republicans had not, Mr. Worden was served with a temporary restraining order.

The group is truly living up to their name — by ANY means necessary.

Unfortunately, Mr. Worden’s legal fees and expenses continue to grow as BAMN continues to harass him with false charges in their concerted and relentless effort to harass, intimidate, and silence the Berkeley College Republicans.

Mr. Worden could really use our help. Conservatives who cherish free speech should help by donating to this fund raising money for his legal expenses.

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