Comeback: Season 2

If you have not heard of “Comeback,” it is a documentary series produced by Opportunity Lives. Its second season comes out today and its topic is very timely.

Two of the gentlemen profiled, Antong Lucky and Pastor Omar Jahwar, are from Dallas. Pastor Omar has established an urban specialist organization that recruits leaders from the inner city, many of whom were former gang members, to thwart violence, drug abuse, criminality and poverty. One such leader is Antong Lucky, who was the founder of the Bloods in Dallas. After he left prison, he dedicated his life to redeeming his community.

Both men are close friends and poverty advisers for Speaker Ryan. They were his honored guests for this year’s State of the Union address. On Monday morning, they met with the mayor and other government officials in Dallas. They are truly heroes in their community, and they’ve had tremendous success in bolstering relationships between law enforcement and underserved communities

By the way, you might notice NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders in the film. He’s a big part of the urban specialist community in Dallas, and he works with Pastor Omar and Antong, as well as Speaker Ryan.

Check it out above.

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