Comedian Steve Harvey Lambasted for Trump Meeting

Comedian Steve Harvey has been a fixture in the black entertainment scene for years. His popular daytime show The Steve Harvey Show has won multiple NAACP Image Awards and Harvey has been seen as the host of  Family Feud for several years now. No fan of Donald Trump, Harvey made the unusual gesture of meeting with the President-elect and he found the encounter quite surprising.

Harvey wouldn’t be the first celebrity or politician who was won over by a personal meeting with Trump. Despite his bombastic media personality, Trump has been reported to be extremely charismatic and engaging in person. Not surprising, really. A man like that can’t build both a real estate and tv empire without having above-average interpersonal skills. Regardless of whether he is sincere or not, he seems to have made an impact on Harvey.

To no one’s shock, Harvey’s fans weren’t all that enthused about the comedian’s change of heart.

Others seem willing to give him a chance.


As a black voter myself I realize it does the black community no good to have all of our political capital in one party. It certainly hasn’t been much a boon for the last 50 years. If you want a voice, you have to be willing to speak with everyone. We can’t constantly be criticizing Republicans and conservatives as racists and evil bigots and then expect to have our concerns acted upon.

Here’s hoping Harvey has a positive impact on the new administration.

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