Comedy Central’s Irresponsible Anti-Gun Sketch

In April, the comedian Amy Schumer used her corporate platform at Comedy Central to produce a four-minute long satirical sketch mocking gun manufactures, gun dealers and gun owners. The setting was fictional TV home shopping show in which Schumer touts the affordability and availability of guns while waiving a Glock around on set. After mocking gun owners the clip closes by listing numerous members of Congress who have allegedly taken money from the evil and unspecified “gun lobby.”

Comedy Central recycled the clip with a slight twist on June 2, which was declared national gun violence awareness day in a campaign led by Everytown for Gun Safety, a leftwing anti-gun group. The cable channel posted a modified version of the clip to its Twitter account along with a link to Everytown’s anti-gun activism website The video closed with a screen that urged viewers to join Everytown’s efforts.

Aside from the hypocrisy of using its corporate platform to blast specific members of Congress – a form of activism mocked by some Comedy Central hosts – there is something horribly wrong with Amy Schumer’s sketch.

Throughout the clip Schumer and her co-star irresponsibly wave a Glock handgun around the set, pointing it at each other and even repeatedly putting their finger on the trigger. Both of those actions are big violations of common sense gun safety practices – the kind of safety precautions taught in hunter safety, in police academies, in the military and anywhere else firearms are responsibly handled.

Notice where his finger is - inside the trigger guard on the trigger
Notice where his finger is – inside the trigger guard on the trigger

Everytown’s own website decries the tragedy of deaths caused by accidents with firearms, yet the organization’s #WearOrange campaign appears to have gladly accepted the publicity offered by Comedy Central’s wildly irresponsible video.

In addition to treating a gun as a joke and violating basic rules of gun safety, Comedy Central thought it was funny to feature a voice-over by an actor attempting to sound like a Middle Eastern terrorist. Perhaps because the entire sketch was supposed to be a jab at conservatives the producers and executives at the channel thought it would be okay to engage in a little race baiting.

A writer at The Atlantic praised the show gushing, “The episode still managed to be very, very funny. Schumer made her point; she also made me, at least, laugh,” before noting that the phone number for the fake home shopping show was itself a hotline to Everytown for Gun Safety.

Not once did the savvy Atlantic writer note Schumer’s gross mishandling of the firearm. But that’s because the Left is fine with bad examples, irresponsibility and stereotypes if it is in the name of a “worthy cause.”

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