Comey Leaker Richman Donated to Dem. Rep. Esty, Who Defended Comey on Facebook

Daniel Richman, the man to whom former FBI Director James Comey slipped his personal C.Y.A. memos recording his every interaction with President Donald Trump, gave $250 to Rep. Elizabeth Esty‘s campaign in 2011.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s all good between friends and Democrats. In the photo above, that’s Esty sitting during the ridiculous Democrat no-gun tweet-campout on the House floor (literally) sitting next to Rep. John Lewis and Rep. Joe Courtney.

That’s the only campaign donation in excess of $100 recorded by for the Columbia Law professor who leaked former FBI Director James Comey’s memos to the New York Times.

Esty, a Democrat representing Connecticut’s 5th district, had this to say about Comey’s testimony on Facebook:

Director Comey’s testimony confirmed many of the most troubling news reports about President Trump’s conduct, including that President Trump may have inappropriately interfered with an FBI investigation into a former member of his administration. Director Comey’s testimony that President Trump sought ‘loyalty’ from the FBI Director and may have expected preferential treatment in exchange for keeping him in his post is also profoundly disturbing. Congress and the Department of Justice must continue their dogged pursuit of the facts, wherever they lead.


Esty recorded everything she gleaned from Comey’s Senate testimony, except a few minor details.

Like these:

  • At least one of the memos were written on a classified laptop;
  • Comey asked Richman, a personal friend, to leak to keep himself out of the news “for a variety of reasons”;
  • He did this in the hopes that a special counsel would be appointed

And of course, voila, we have a special counsel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Of course, Esty didn’t mention any of it. But she did take Richman’s money.

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