Communal Peeing Is Now a Thing

The Texas legislature is considering making it clear that boys go to the boys’ bathroom and girls go to the girls’ bathroom. This is common sense and supported by the majority of Americans. But for the left, this is a hill to die on.

The Texas ACLU has come out in favor of communal bathroom policies — that people should be able to pee where ever they want to and they are encouraging political activists to go pee where ever they want.

The Texas legislature really does need to take a stand on this issue against leftwing activists pushing norms that people are uncomfortable with. The truth of the matter is that if everyone just minded their own business this would not be an issue. But the left thinks we are supposed to celebrate and glorify mental health these days and cheer on boys brave enough to chop off their man parts.

Texas should not cave to madness and should insist that boys and girls go to their respective bathrooms. If someone is truly transgendered, we aren’t going to be able to tell anyway and it wouldn’t be a problem. But what the left advocates is something already being taken advantage of by creeps.

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