Comparing Obama to Trump: Like Apples to … Potatoes?

Comparisons of successive Presidents is normal and understandable, though not always fair to those being compared. Socio-economic variables are in a constant state of flux, and in many ways comparing the work of successive Presidents can be a meaningless endeavor – like the proverbial comparison of apples to oranges.

Such is not true, however, when comparing the snacking preferences of our Presidents. In the case at hand, comparing President Obama to President Trump is like comparing apples to potatoes. Or at least potato chips.

Tucked into a story from the New York Times on the logistics of moving one Presidential family out and another one in is this revelation that is likely to make the health-conscious Michelle Obama cringe:

“Mr. Obama, whose family’s obsession with healthy eating has been well documented, keeps a large bowl of apples on a table in the Oval Office and a supply of almonds for his late-night nibbling over briefing books. Mr. Trump, a fast-food aficionado, is known to prefer not only Doritos but also Lays potato chips.” 

It is, of course a minor tidbit of information in the grand scheme of things, not likely to be relevant in the long term. But one never knows when something as simple as a potato might become politically important. Just ask Dan Quayle.

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