Comparing Trump to Voldemort and Hitler Is Stupid

Let’s start with Hitler.

The Left has recently been upset with me for comparing Cecile Richards to Joseph Mengele. Both of them made a profession of harvesting human organs and promoting abortions. Mengele died in Argentina as an abortionist.

But the left is perfectly happy to compare Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler. Trump, right now, is struggling to hold on to a quarter of the Republican vote and has yet to round up a few million people and exterminate them.

He has called for temporarily halting immigration of muslims into this country. To be sure, the policy is unworkable and, as originally announced, had bits that would have been declared unconstitutional (see e.g. keeping American citizens out of the country if they are muslims traveling abroad), but Trump has not called for the extermination of an entire people.

Now J.K. Rowling is say Trump is worse than Voldemort. If you haven’t read her series of books, Voldemort is a murderer, killed his parents, wants to exterminate a class of people, etc.

If words mean things — and all the people upset with Trump are claiming Trump’s words have meaning and are terrible — then they have degraded the history of Hitler and revised the story telling of Harry Potter. They have made comparisons as ridiculous as Trump’s proposal.

But here’s the other thing they’ve done. They’ve also kept feeding oxygen to the story and given Trump more air time.

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