Congress Should Censure Reps Who Boycott Trump’s Inauguration

Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark will not attend the Jan. 20th inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Good for her. Maybe she’ll also protest by skipping her votes in the House of Representatives. Especially if they vote to censure her, and they should.

The Boston Globe reported today:

“I support the peaceful transition of power, but I don’t feel that I need to attend the pageantry associated with and for this president,” she said.

Among 535 House and Senate members, Clark appears to be part of an exceedingly small minority to announce a boycott of Trump’s swearing-in, which will take place on the west side of the Capitol overlooking the National Mall. In December, Illinois Representative Luis Gutiérrez said he will not attend the ceremony and will instead join protesters on Inauguration Day.

Clark and Gutiérrez are elected representatives in Congress. They are part of the government. They are behaving like spoiled children.

There is not a single Republican in the Mass. delegation to Congress in either house. But the rest of them are going to the inauguration. Clark is apparently special.

Rep. Seth Moulton, a former Marine who represents the district where I was born, decided to go.

Moulton acknowledged the long history of members of Congress attending the inauguration regardless of party or policy differences, but like Clark, he said Trump’s unique unfavorability among his constituents weighed on him.

I think Congress should vote to censure any representative who boycotts the inauguration out of protest. It’s “conduct unbecoming” an elected legislator in the federal government.

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