Rep.-elect Brian Mast, R-Fla. departs after newly-elected House members gathered for a freshman class photo on the Capitol steps, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Congressman Brian Mast Scammed. Democrats Attack Him Instead of the Scammer

War hero and congressman Brian Mast (R-FL) is being attacked by Democrats for being connected with a company called World Patent Marketing. That company and its owner, Scott Cooper, have been been accused by the Federal Trade Commission “of defrauding thousands of clients in the last few years to the tune of millions of dollars, and then harassing customers who threatened to report the scam.”

The company lists Brian Mast as on its advisory board. There’s just one problem. Mast was added without his consent. The company went so far as to use Mast’s campaign pictures and advertisements in a promotional video without the Congressman’s consent. In fact, if you watch the video prepared by the company you will note that the congressman is never seen talking about or promoting the company. Odd isn’t it? The entire video consists of Mast’s campaign commercial and still pictures with North Korean style propaganda slogans underneath for the company.

If Mast collaborated and participated knowingly, you’d think he would have cut video for the company right? He did not.

It is more likely than not that Congressman Mast was scammed as much as everybody else. In fact, the company’s owner seems to have a history of this sort of thing.

“A Florida district court agreed to an FTC request to temporarily freeze the company’s assets earlier this month. The FTC alleges Cooper, through his two companies World Patent Marketing Inc. and Desa Industries, charged customers thousands of dollars to patent and market their inventions. Customers were initially charged nearly $1,300 for a research report from the marketing company, according to the FTC. Then, several weeks later, salespeople would pitch the same clients on patent protection and invention-promotion packages ranging between $8,000 to $65,000, according to the FTC filing.”


Even more importantly, “According to the FTC, consumers paid Scott Cooper and his companies, World Patent Marketing Inc. and Desa Industries Inc., thousands of dollars to patent and market their inventions based on bogus ‘success stories’ and testimonials promoted by the defendants. But after they strung consumers along for months or even years, the defendants did not deliver what they promised. Instead, many customers ended up in debt or lost their life savings with nothing to show for it.” (“FTC Halts Invention Promotion Scheme Charged With Bilking Millions Of Dollars From Consumers.”

Democrats want you to think Brian Mast volunteered to serve this company and agreed to cut a promotional video for it. The congressman says he had no idea any of this was happening. Again, the serious question here that should tip anyone off as to what is going on: if the congressman agreed to cut a promotional video for a company, why didn’t he never mention the company or cut unique footage for it? Why were all the photos and videos items that were on his campaign website?

It is obvious the congressman was scammed too. But Democrats would prefer you not consider the actual facts and just believe the hit jobs they are planting in newspapers.

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