Congressman-Elect Roy’s First Hires Suggests Good Things Forthcoming

Chip Roy, the congressman-elect in Texas’s 21st congressional district, looks like he wants to establish himself as a real conservative leader in the House. His first hire is Wade Miller, a Marine combat veteran who served both in the Horn of Africa and Iraq. Miller worked for Heritage Action when it was still the congressional heart burn generator and then went to work as Political Director for Ted Cruz.

Maggie Harrell is an Auburn grad, which we won’t hold against her, and she worked as counsel to Jeff Sessions, which suggests Roy wants to be a fighter on immigration. Harrell will be the legislative director.

Then there is Nathan McDaniel who served as Roy’s campaign manager and had been a field director for Americans for Prosperity.

So we have a Jeff Sessions alumnus, a Heritage Action and Ted Cruz alumnus, and an Americans for Prosperity alumnus. In other words, we have people who can organize the grassroots and the grass tops. Insert nuclear bomb gif here, folks. Keep your eye on this office.

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