Congressman Heckled As He Talked About His Deceased Daughter

Ask any parent who has lost a child, and he or she will tell you that it colors the way you see everything else in your life, and if the parent lost a child due to health issues, that parent will have a perspective on the health care industry that few others will have.

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) spoke at a town hall earlier this week where he poured his heart out about losing his daughter Grace, who died of health issues when she was 11. In the typical fashion of today’s protestors, hecklers came out in full force.

“Shame on you!” one person yelled.

Angry attendees seemed to suggest he was using her story to distract from his key role in the American Health Care Act, which passed last week in the House as a means of repealing Obamacare. The Senate is currently drafting its own health care legislation.

“I will say shame on you right now, actually,” MacArthur said. “Don’t tell me what I’m using. I’m going to tell you because this affects my perspective. It affects my perspective on this issue of health care.”

Another heckler shouted “We’ve heard this story before,” while another snarkily suggested that MacArthur write a book. Protestors continued to boo the congressman and shout him down as he told his daughter’s story and related it to his thoughts on the country’s health care system.

MacArthur took a beating from constituents for five brutal hours on health care and other issues, but the crowd’s treatment of Grace’s story is beyond the pale. It’s one thing for people to hold their representatives’ feet to the fire, but to heckle and boo a man as he tells the story of the daughter he loved dearly and misses deeply is a whole different matter.

Then again, I guess we shouldn’t expect any less from today’s Left. The direct descendants of the 60s Leftists who preached that “the personal is political” have shoved the personal away and turned the mantra into “everything is political.”

MacArthur had an experience with his daughter that no right-thinking human being would wish upon his or her worst enemy, yet the the folks in the crowd treated his story as less than valid simply because his opinions on health care differ from theirs.

There is no more civil discourse in this country – at least not as far as the Left is concerned. The Left will continue to shout down anyone whose ideas differ from lockstep time and time again, and the end game is that everyone will agree or keep their mouths shut. It’s an absolute shame that a person can’t share his or her story (complete with an opinion or lesson) without being heckled.

One thing we can say for sure is that there are plenty of jerks in this world, and it’s astounding how many of them are on the left side of the political aisle.

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