Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. talks to reporters during a stop at Lino's restaurant, Monday, Aug. 5, 2013 in Wakefield, N.H. King is the latest politician to dangle to prospect of of a presidential campaign to push a pet issue _ in his case, national defense. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Congressman Peter King Doesn’t Want to Get in the Bed He Made

It has become abundantly obvious by April of this year that Ted Cruz was literally the only Republican who could possibly stop Donald Trump. But Congressman Peter King of New York declared Ted Cruz hopeless and Donald Trump “more reasonable” than Cruz.

King voted for Kasich in the New York primary and then proceeded to take every opportunity in front of a microphone to praise Trump and attack Cruz.

Now the “more reasonable” Donald Trump is the GOP nominee and Peter King is unhappy.

Republican Rep. Peter King told CNN this week that so far, Trump has failed to make a coherent case against the Obama administration’s foreign policy. He forcefully pushed back on Trump’s proposal to keep Muslims out of the country.

“He has to show more sophistication and more knowledge and nuance,” King said. “You’re not gonna win just by bombing, you’re not going to win just by kicking Muslims out — in fact, I wouldn’t even support that.”

The New York congressman added that he fears Trump’s rhetoric on national security could hurt the public’s broader perception of the GOP’s ability to tackle terrorism: “Just from a political point of view, for Obama’s policies get the upper hand at a time when we should have the upper hand even makes it more distressing.”

He had his chance. Now, having aided and abetted the destruction of his own political party, Peter King realizes what he has helped do.

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