Congresswoman Marcia Fudge Asked for Leniency for Friend Charged With Spousal Abuse Who Later Murdered His Wife

This is going to be a problem for Marcia Fudge as she seeks to potentially challenge Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

Fudge wrote a letter to a prosecutor in support of her friend, Lance Mason. Mason, at the time, was charged with beating his wife. “I commend Lance for immediately recognizing that he needed help and entered counseling,” she wrote. “The Lance T. Mason I know is a kind, intelligent man and loyal friend. The Lance T. Mason I know is an advocate for the people of his community,” she continued.

According to the New York Times, Mason served “nine months in prison for brutally beating his wife in 2014 in front of their children, punching her 20 times and fracturing a bone in her face

Lance T. Mason murdered his estranged wife in front of his kids this past Saturday.

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