Conservative State Senator Launches Campaign for Alabama Lt. Governor

State Senator Rusty Glover, a Republican from Mobile, AL, has become the first major candidate to officially launch a campaign to run for statewide office in Alabama in 2018. Senator Glover will be running for the Lt. Governorship. He is well-known among various conservative and Republican groups across the state.

From the official website for the Lt. Governor’s office, the description of the position reads:

As presiding officer, the Lieutenant Governor is responsible for convening the body into session, for the preservation of order in the chamber, and for the determination of points of order. The Lieutenant Governor also plays important roles in the appointment of Senate standing committees, the assignment of bills to those committees, and in the appointment of citizens of Alabama to various boards, commissions and authorities. In addition to serving as the Senate’s presiding officer, the Lieutenant Governor performs the duties of the Governor in the event of the Governor’s death, impeachment, disability, or absence from the state for more than 20 days.

Basically, the Lt. Governor has an incredible amount of influence on the legislative process through their role as head of the Alabama State Senate. Ensuring a true conservative holds this position is absolutely essential.

Senator Glover first attracted attention from conservative groups when he took up the sponsorship of the Common Core repeal bill after Senator Scott Beason ran for Congress instead of for re-election in 2014. He’s become known as the most anti-Common Core State Senator in Alabama, and grabbed headlines again back in 2015 for being one of the “Gang Of Nine” – a group of nine State Senators that were the only ones to vote against every tax increase proposed by the now-scandal-ridden Governor Robert Bentley. Rusty Glover has developed a reputation for consistently supporting conservative causes across the board while still remaining an effective part of the legislative process.

The conservative State Senator currently holds another distinction: He is the only major candidate for any statewide office that has already officially launched their campaign. He has been aggressively criss-crossing the state for months, attending fish fries, county party meetings, and chitlin dinners in an effort to introduce himself to the Alabama voters outside of his Senate district in South Alabama. His campaign is reminiscent of Secretary of State John Merrill’s successful 2014 campaign – where he famously visited every county in the state and replaced the tires on his car multiple times. If two or more Republicans are gathered together in Alabama, it’s pretty much guaranteed that either Rusty Glover or John Merrill can be found nearby.

Rusty Glover with Congressman Mo Brooks and Secretary of State John Merrill at the most recent Madison County Republican Men’s Breakfast

We have yet to see who will challenge the conservative State Senator from South Alabama for the Lt. Governorship. But Republicans in Alabama have a deep bench of active, accomplished, ambitious elected officials – conservative and otherwise. It’ll more than likely be a fiercely competitive race. May the best candidate win.

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Trey Edwards is an Alabama GOP campaign strategist and consultant. He can often be found at those same fish fries and county party meetings, but the last chitlin dinner gave him food poisoning. 

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