Conservatives Stuck Up For the Koch Brothers, Who Now Run and Hide

Conservatives have spent seven years defending the Koch Brothers, Koch Industries, and their various related entities. The Kochs have long funded pro-liberty, free market causes.

But now, as conservatives are fighting a protectionist con-artist from New York, the Kochs appear to be walking away from the fight.

That is genuinely disappointing.

There is a real fight right now within the GOP for the heart and soul of the party and the values of liberty. That is where the Kochs have always shined. But instead of engaging, the Kochs now look like they’re going to try a co-option strategy.

Everyone else who has tried that has wound up having their own values compromised. So what values will the Kochs now compromise? It is going to happen. Everyone who comes away from Donald Trump ends up compromised and the Kochs will be no different.

They have an opportunity to stand and fight on the right side of history against a man who fundamentally disagrees with their liberty loving values. But they won’t. So why on earth should conservatives keep standing with the Kochs?

I hope they change their minds.

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