Conservatives, This Right Here is a Hill to Die On

Were you happy with the House’s American Health Care Act? I suspect not. But I suspect you were pleased, at least, that the House Freedom Caucus moved the legislation to the right. Well, to punish the House Freedom Caucus for improving the legislation, the Chamber of Capitulation …errrr… Commerce is seeking to defeat a conservative in South Carolina named Ralph Norman.

Norman has the support of Jim DeMint, Joe “You Lie” Wilson, and Nikki Haley. But the Chamber and Republican leaders in Washington are pouring money into South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District race to destroy him.

Ralph Norman is running against a squishy, big spending trial lawyer named Tommy Pope, who has pledged to never deal with the House Freedom Caucus. Pope is angry that the House Freedom Caucus forced improvements to the American Health Care Act. The Chamber of Commerce and Republican leaders are using Pope in hopes of stopping Ralph Norman.

Friends, this race should be a hill to die on for conservatives. There are stark differences. Ralph Norman is an actual conservative. Ralph Norman is actually pro-life. Ralph Norman is actually for smaller government. Ralph Norman has actually stood up to his own party. His opponent is none of those things.

Friends, the election is Tuesday. Are you with Jim DeMint, Joe Wilson, and Nikki Haley, or are you with the Chamber of Capitulation and the Republican Establishment in Washington that has lied to you for years?

You need to support Ralph Norman.

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