Consider Evan McMullin

The reality is that the election is over and has been since the moment Donald Trump got the Republican nomination. No nominee has ever left the conclusion of the convention season with a polling deficit and rebounded. No nominee has entered the last month of the election behind seven points and rebounded.

“But Reagan in 1980,” you say. It is a myth. In 1980, the Gallup poll deviated from all the other polls until the last couple of weeks before the election. Reagan had a strong debate, the Gallup poll swung in his favor, and legend was born. The reality is that the average of all polls in 1980 had Reagan take the lead in July of that year and he never lost it again. Even if it had been a strong debate at the end that pushed him over — and it was not — Trump self-immolated in the last Presidential Debate this year.

The election is over for president. The Senate and House of Representatives can be saved if Republicans still turn out. But if the election were held today, Hillary Clinton would already have the requisite 270 Electoral College votes to be president, and that is with 10 states still in toss up territory, including Georgia. In fact, internal Republican polling now has Hillary Clinton ahead in Georgia by five points. Trump is that bad of a nominee. Clinton has a better chance of winning Texas now than Trump has of winning Pennsylvania.

That leads me to Evan McMullin. Read on . . .

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