“Convert Or Die” Won’t Win the White House

Donald Trump, reflecting the secular leftist he actually is, is modeling his campaign on secularists and Islamic radicals. He has no use trying to persuade conservatives to join him. He is not trying to build a coalition through outreach. Instead, he demands we convert or die.

Since winning Indiana, Donald Trump has informed conservatives that he does not need them to win, declared that his agenda will reign supreme in the GOP; and attacked Dr. Russell Moore and evangelical Christians for refusing to support him. Instead of building bridges, he has decided he will burn them.

Donald Trump has a singular inability to unite the Republican Party behind him. He offers them nothing and rejects their long held beliefs. Having run a primary campaign supporting tax cuts, Trump now says he wants to raise taxes. Having run a primary campaign opposing minimum wage increases, Trump now wants to raise the minimum wage. Having passed himself off as pro-life, Trump now wants to water down the language.

In short, instead of embracing the values of the Republican Party, he intends to fundamentally transform it. He cannot then expect Republicans who hold to the values and policy views he is rejecting to suddenly get on board. “Convert or die” will not win the White House. It will not win over Republicans skeptical of Trump. It will not win over evangelicals or conservatives or independent voters or anyone else.

Donald Trump has declared he can win the White House without conservatives. Let us let him try.

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