Corey Lewandowski Exposes Paul Manafort’s Russian Ties

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, tweeted out a link Sunday night to a New York Times story documenting the pretty damning ties Paul Manafort has with Russian supported groups in Ukraine.

This is a pretty big deal actually.

Manafort is the guy “credited” with forcing Lewandowski out of the campaign. Once Lewandowski left, Trump completely came off the rails. Now Manafort is claiming Trump is calling all the shots and he just does what Trump tells him. Manafort’s friends are already starting to speak out to say Manafort isn’t going to get blamed for Trump’s impending defeat.

Meanwhile, Lewandowski remains ever loyal and feels the need to go after the current campaign chairman with a line of attack that keeps growing — the Russian connections.

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