Corey Lewandowski Returns To Trump. Sort Of. Bless His Heart

Corey is fired. Corey is hired by CNN. Corey is back. Sort of.

Even in exile, Lewandowski maintained a close relationship with Trump. But in recent weeks, with the absence of a leadership team actively committed to boxing him out, he has reengaged with the operation more broadly, listening in on morning conference calls and conferring regularly with campaign CEO Stephen Bannon and deputy campaign manager David Bossie — an old friend who persuaded Trump to hire Lewandowski last year — according to Republicans close to the campaign.

Donald Trump is notoriously loyal to those who are loyal to him (to a point). But this is a win-win deal for everyone. Trump doesn’t have to pay Lewandowski, for starters. Trump’s closest advisers, his kids, are happy because they don’t have to deal with his influence as much.

Lewandowski fans among the campaign staff still have him to bounce ideas around, and those who hate him (a larger group, by all accounts) can ignore him.

Following Manafort’s departure, the time for a Lewandowski resurgence was ripe. After a summer marked by unforced errors, reports that Trump has one eye on a post-campaign media venture and a general sense of dismay, even staffers who clashed with their old boss were beginning to feel pangs of Lewandowski nostalgia set in.

“He was an a–hole,” said one former staffer, expressing the sentiment of colleagues who remain on the campaign. “But at least you know he wanted to win.”

And let’s not forget that CNN is giving Corey valuable experience in media, so that when if Trump loses in November, he can surge back as a media mogul, with Lewandowski playing a major role.

Though he’s technically a CNN contributor, making him a (very) quasi-journalist, if you look at Lewandowski’s Twitter timeline, you wouldn’t know it.

In his new role on CNN, Lewandowski got really defensive Tuesday when Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek claimed Trump’s conflicts of interest would compromise his presidency. He got into an on-air tiff with Alisyn Camerota:

“This is the same individual who said that he has information that George W. Bush was directly related to the 9/11 terrorist attack. This is the same individual who refused to fact-check this story with the Trump Organization,” he said.

“He has zero credibility,” Lewandowski continued. “It is a point of credibility. He has said that George W. Bush was directly involved with 9/11. He has no credibility.”

Camerota and Christine Quinn quickly defended Bush (in order to defend Eichenwald, who was attacking Trump), who Trump himself attacked on 9/11, resulting in a somewhat absurd inverted argument.

I guess for Corey, old habits die hard, like the urge to defend Donald Trump from the least criticism, no matter how ridiculous it makes him look.

Bless his heart.

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