Cornellians That Cry Together, Stay Together

Cornell University students held a cry-in event on Wednesday in response to President Elect Donald Trump. The Planned Parenthood Generation Action at Cornell, a student organization dedicated to “securing reproductive justice for all,” hosted the two-hour event.

What exactly do you do at a cry in for two hours?

According to the Facebook event, attendees were encouraged to wear black and:

“Join us as we hold each other, cry, and hug. We need to show that we are still here, we are not erased, and we matter.”

According to The Cornell Daily Sun, Over 50 students gathered in a circle to tell stories and support each other. The students were given blankets, tissues and hot chocolate to keep warm as they wrote words of encouragement and protest. Attendees expressed the need to take a break, come together and cry, as they were grieving Donald Trump’s election. The students also specifically mentioned Vice President Elect Mike Pence and his hope to repeal Roe v. Wade as a policy that makes them feel “personally targeted.”

Obviously loss of life and the pain women suffer post-abortion are nothing compared to feeling “personally targeted.”

One of the students who helped coordinate the event mentioned that many Cornellians had never seriously contemplated the ramifications of a Trump presidency and were in shock.

Surprising, given the level of emphasis on diverse thinking in higher education…

This event was only the first for activists on campus. On Friday, students participated in The People’s Walkout at Cornell – a part of a larger walk out among students attending Stanford University, University of California – Davis, Princeton University, Columbia University and Brandeis University. Everyone was encouraged to wear black and walk out of their classes, jobs, houses, etc. on Friday morning at 10:30 a.m.

The purpose of the walk out? According to the Facebook event:

“We will walkout and gather in Bailey Hall and walk to the Arts Quad to show solidarity with students walking out across the country in response to the hate speech driving this year’s presidential election.”

I know what you’re thinking – no this isn’t a story from The Onion. To be honest, part of me admires Cornell and the fact that both of these are peaceful protests – certainly better than many anti-Trump protestors who have turned to violence. But alas, it’s still pathetic.

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