Corporate Responsibility

Think how many CEOs the U.S. would have lost if they all took corporate responsibility so seriously. See here.

The head of a food company jumped to his death after a government investigation found that his company sold dumplings made with rotten ingredients, police said Monday.

A witness said he saw the man jump from a bridge in Seoul’s Han River on Sunday, a police official said.

Police have yet to find the body but found his identification card and a recently written will.

He was identified in media reports only by his family name, Shin — the head of Vision Food, a dumpling company.

Last week, South Korea’s Food and Drug Administration announced that at least 12 companies had been using rotten radishes in their frozen dumplings and ordered the dumplings pulled off the shelves.

Come to think of it, isn’t ritual suicide in the Sarbannes-Oaxley legislation? Oh, wait, there’s a difference between corporate suicide and CEO suicide.

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