Corporate Scams

Are the anti-war forces, who tend to be anti-corporate forces too, trying to sabotage corporations while playing on the emotions of pro-war America?

I’m beginning to believe so.

First came the Target scam about Target not supporting Veterans and Veteran related charities. It circulated by email and was not true.

Now I’ve seen a Starbucks email claiming that a group of troops in Iraq wrote Starbucks to try to get free coffee and, in return, got a letter from Starbucks saying that the company opposed the war and those who were fighting in the war.

IT IS NOT TRUE. The sad thing is that these stories can seem true and a lot of people believe them to be true. But, they are not true. There is no need to boycott Starbucks.

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  • Dayton did make his fortune from Target. His family owns the stores, I believe. So remember, when you buy from Target, you’re supporting socialism. 😉

  • Yeah, I suppose the stuff about Target isn’t true, but the idiot Senior senator from Minnesota who boycotted Allawi’s speech a couple of days ago, did make his fortune from Target. Dayton, right?

  • I agree that the scams are bs and there is no reason to boycott Starbucks. However, there is also no reason to pay $5 for a cup of coffee. Heck, I don’t pay $5 for a can of grounds.