Corrupt Bastards

If the Republican Convention has proven anything, it is that the Republican Party, rather than being a Grand Old Party, is a corrupt institution headed by the politically inept and morally bankrupt.

Some will attempt to dismiss this post as sour grapes. It is not.

Let me start by asking the readers: how many of you paid attention to the events surround the 2014 Senate primary in Mississippi? I realize that many of the Trump voters and delegates did not and that is not meant to be a pejorative, simply a stating of facts. You weren’t paying attention because, until the rise of Donald Trump, there was no leader to give voice to your angst. When he did rise, you were awakened from a political slumber with no knowledge of the immediate past.

Why do I bring up the 2014 primary in Mississippi? Because one of the central figures behind Trump inside the Republican Party is Henry Barbour. Listed as a whip by the Trump team for the Rules Committee, it is apparent that Henry Barbour wasn’t just a passive bystander in the strong arming the took place in Cleveland, he was an active participant.



Why does this matter? Henry Barbour was the RNC Committeeman behind the race baiting ads and robocalls aimed at turning out Democrats, specifically black Democrats, against Chris McDaniel and for Thad Cochran, in the GOP run-off the summer of 2014. Thus my tweet above the other day when Barbour went on record as being for open primaries. How else could he and the McConnell’s of the world elect big government Republicans? For those who doubt this, read this.

Corrupt bastards like Henry Barbour, who by many accounts is part of Reince Preibus’ inner circle, are the reason we saw the rise of Trump. Many will scratch their heads and ask, “Isn’t he just a committeeman?” Yes, who was acting in concert with Mitch McConnell during the primary run-off in Mississippi. You know, the guy who got booed last night at the convention (lightbulbs just clicked on across America). There is no daylight between Mitch McConnell and Henry Barbour.

Now Barbour, Mitch McConnell and the party bosses are also using the Trump phenomenon to reinforce the status quo, not change it. In fact, I had this conversation with friends a few months ago who were excited that Trump was going to blow things up and change the status quo.

“No,” I said, “Unfortunately, Trump is about Trump. He just wants to be President. And having been a lifelong Democrat, he doesn’t understand the current conflict inside the Republican Party. His campaign will only serve to reinforce the status quo.”

Which brings me, yet again, to the “conservative” leaders running around attempting to 1) compare Donald Trump to Biblical characters (missing ingredient=repentance), 2) screaming, “It’s about the Supreme Court!” Followed by the accusation to those not buying it, “Do you want to kill babies?!” I already wrote about the blind leading the blind so won’t spend any more time on them. You, seeking to remain relevant, are no better than Henry Barbour.

The fact of the matter is Barbour and his ilk are using the Trump campaign to advance their own causes as they choose to rule in hell rather than serve in heaven. Their power structure is built on an incestuous network of backslapping, deal making and financial gain. They are perfectly fine losing with Donald Trump as long as they stay in power and keep enriching themselves through the party infrastructure.

The grassroots activists that have been hoodwinked into supporting Trump awakened too late (some, I realize may not awaken at all) to the fact that they weren’t changing anything.

They were, and are, reinforcing the very power structures they claim to be dismantling.








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