Couch Potatoes

Time and again, Twitter has proven itself to be a powerful social media platform–perhaps the most powerful of all, what with its ability to instantly document breaking news and shape perceptions of the world around us.  But, like Peter Parker’s uncle once warned, with great power comes great stupidity (or something to that effect).  That’s how you get viral sensations like the Great Kellyanne Conway Couch Caper.

Don’t know what that is?  Neither did I–until I foolishly checked Tweetbot before turning in last night, and saw my timeline lit up with the kind of outrage you usually associate with some story that’ll get debunked in a couple of hours.  Apparently, someone snapped a pic of White House adviser (and Trump campiagn manager) Kellyanne Conway committing some serious faux pas while sitting on a couch in the Oval Office:

Oops, sorry–wrong picture!  But, from the tone of the tweets, you’d have thought it was something just as naughty.  Turns out it was something more like your old Auntie Gin–the one who had plastic covering all the furniture–might have chided you for that time you tried to eat cookies in bed:

That’s right.  Shoes on the couch.  In the Oval Office.  The horror!

Of course, this rather daft bit of criticism invited even more daft replies, and pretty soon there was a veritable tweetstorm showing various pics of Barack Obama with his feet propped up on the Oval Office desk–truly, whataboutism sinking to levels not thought scientifically possible.  I thought Twitter might actually collapse under the sheer weight of its own density.

Quick tip to you Blue Bird Warriors out there:  Nobody cares.

Another tip:  Get some help or get a hobby, because you either have serious problems or too much time on your hands.

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