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Country Before Party

Too many Republicans in Washington are already coming to terms with Donald Trump being their team captain. Unfortunately for them, parties are not teams, but collections of people fighting for ideas and access to power to advance those ideas.

Donald Trump’s ideas are anathema to the existing Republican Party platform and no current Republican should feel any obligation to maintain loyalty to a party that nominates a man who calls Planned Parenthood “wonderful” and believes in a socialist, government run healthcare scheme, among other leftwing ideas.

Those of us who have long affiliated with the Republican Party would be wise to publicly disassociate ourselves with a very dangerous mix of nationalism and tribalism. That combination has, historically, never ended well and Republicans should be willing to reject it.

It is time for Republicans to give serious consideration to an exit strategy from their own party if Trump is successfully able to take it over. Not doing so will be destructive to Republicans down to the local level. Guilt by association with Trump will have serious repercussions for all Republican elected officials and public figures.

Those who can should begin plotting a strategy into a third party now. The groundwork and funding process need to begin right now. Republicans who are complicit in foisting the dangerous combination of tribalism mixed with nationalism on this country will deservedly see their party wind up in tatters.

Our country must come before our party and that requires all Republicans work together to stop Trump, including building a third party.

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